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DE-STONER (Closed circuit type) 
Model CSP-502
  1. High Efficiency Screening with Secondary Screen Mechanism
    With Secondary Screen Mechanism, it can decrease the mixture of brown rice inside the discharged stones and make high quality material.

  2. Automatic Discharge System
    Automatic Discharge System can save operation trouble. (Only 3 minutes)

  3. Adjusting Screen Angle
    According to flow amount and material, screen angle can be adjusted.

  4. Wide Cleaning Door
    Wide door is designed in front and back of machine for easy cleaning. Screen is also easy to clean up.

Sorting Accuracy improved over previous models by 10%!

Discharge process time needs only 3 minutes.
Model Name CSP-502;
Dimensions (mm)
(Standard specific)
Length (mm) 1193
Width (mm) 1132
Height (mm) 1705
Net Weight (kg) 255
Capacity (t/h) 5 (Max)
Power (kW) 3-phase 200V 1.5
*Above specifications and dimension may change due to Yamamoto’s continuous development program.
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