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We service and repair this equipment.

We service and repair this equipment.

The GAC2100b features:
  • Self-test before each moisture reading.
  • 64-calibration memory, with user-defined "quick-keys" for automatic selection of most used grains.
  • Automatic calibration selection through the whole moisture range.
  • Automatic creation of sample indentification number, test date & time for improved record deeping.
  • Error messages warn the operator if any measured value is outside allowable limits of calibration

The GAC2100b combines fast, fully automatic grain analysis with superior communications technology

DICKEY-john's GAC2100b means increased reliability of moisture readings through fully automatic operation. Just pour the sample into the hopper, select grain type, and press the LOAD button. It's that simple!
The GAC2100b is a sound investment in your grain and feed operations, with the features and capability to optimize your grain testing program today and the capacity to grow as technologies and calibration requirements change.

Automatic weighing, temperature compensation, and test cell loading/unloading, as well as no manual calculations or reading of charts combine to give you virtually hands-off tessting. And that means highly reliable test results with no chance for human error.

Calibrations can be updated without the need for a service person. Plus, the GAC2100b is capable of complete remote emulatioun for diagnostic testing without taking the unit out of service.

Two serial port interfaces

Grain Level Sensor (GAC2100b)

Level indicator simplifies setup

Technical Specifications

Measurement Method: Capacitance, conductance, weighing device
Applications: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Cereal Grains, Oilseeds, Beans, etc. Over 450 grain calibratiouns on file.
Measured Components: Moisture Content: 0 to 50%
Test Weight: kgs/hl or lbs/bu
Repeatability: Moisture Content + or - 0.1%
Resolution: 0.1% moisture
Measurement Time: GAC2100b: 16 seconds
GAC2100b (auto mode): 30-second cycle

Instrument Data
Number of Calibrations: Up to 64 stored in memory
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Flemish and more
Display Format Large LCD (240 x 64 pixels)
Display Content: Grain Name, Calibration Name, Moisture %, Sample Temperature, Approximate Density (Approximate Test Weight)
User Interface: Menu Driven
Date/Time: Yes
Construction: Painted steel, ABS plastic, polycarbonate
Grain Temperature: NTEP: 0 - to 45°C (32° to 113°F)
Temp. Difference: 20°C (36°F), room to grain
Sample Presentation: Whole Grain
Sample Size: GAC2100b: 300-650 grams
(cereal grains)
Temperature Compensation: Yes

Remote Interface (DB25M, RS-232C)
COM1: 20 or 80 column printer, up to 19200 baud, DCE
COM2: Computer, up to 19200 baud, DTE (null modem adapter required)
Harsh Enviornment Serial Dot Matrix printer RS232 Null modem adapter


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