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High Magnetic Power 12,000G
Permanent Magnetic Power
High Screening Efficiency

Yamamoto Magnetic Separator
Reliable Solution System

Our Magnetic Separator can eliminate mud-balls, pumice, stones that contain iron with its powerful permanent magnet and separate material into good and reject.

Diagram showing how the magnetic separator works using a hopper, conveyer belt system with the permanent magnet.
photos showing the separated grain and the separated, rejected stones and unwanted debris
  • Brown Rice Milled
    This Magnetic Separator can take out mud-balls and pumice, which are difficult to remove with Gravity Separators.

  • Beans, Cereals
    This Magnetic Separator can be used for a variety of things which contain iron.

  • Feeding System
    This Magnetic Separator has a special feeding system which enables it to feed a uniform amount of material. This system keeps evenly feeding the amount of material to create a high screening efficiency.

    * This Magnetic Separator may cause magnetic damage. Do not approach cell phones, watches, and other electronic devices and precision equipment. Do not approach this machine if you have a pace maker.

Model Name YMS-600 YMS-3000 YMS-4500 YMS-6000
Length (mm) 1,065 1,435 1,435 1,435
Width (mm) 290 748 1,027 1,327
Height (mm) 608 870 870 870
Power 100V 460V 460V 460V
Belt 100V 100V 100V 100V
Magnet 12,000G 12,000G 12,000G 12,000G
Magnet range (mm) 100 450 700 1,000
Weight (kg) 40 170 250 350
Utility Brown rice, Milled rice, Beans, Wheat, Sesame, etc.
Capacity (t/h) Rice, Red Bean 0.66 3.0 4.6 6.6
0.44 2.0 3.1 4.4
0.50 2.2 3.5 5.0
0.14 0.64 1.0 1.4
*Above specifications and dimension may change due to Yamamoto’s continuous development program.
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