From probe to analysis results in about 90 seconds!*
Grain Probe Sample Conveyed to Auto Kicker + Moisture Test Weight Meter + NIR Protein Meter = Foreign Material Analyzer + Moisture & Test Weight Analyzer + NIR Analyzer (**optional) = MCi Auto Kicker.  Integrate all your grain grading into one system! Automatic Transfer of Results to Scale Ticket Depending on your current scale ticket software.
MCi Auto Kicker easily outputs to your electronic scale system, accounting system and database.
MCi AutoKicker provides sample results for:
MCi AutoKicker Automated Grain Analyzer
  • HFC/EYP**
  • moisture
  • oil**
  • starch content**
  • protein**
  • test weight
  • temperature
    Increase your efficiency Increase your bottom line! The MCi Auto Kicker connects directly to your grain probe for immediate sample processing. By integrating multiple devices, the MCi Auto Kicker can generate fractional analysis of HFC/EYP, starch content, protein, test weight, moisture and foreign material all in one easy process. Already have a NIR or moisture tester in operation? Depending upon the specific model, it can be integrated in with the MCi Auto Kicker. In about 90 seconds*, results are displayed on your monitor without human hands ever touching the sample. The data can then automatically transfer to electronic scale systems, eliminating manual entry of test results and manual mistakes. These quick and accurate results allow more precise binning and quality control of the things that affect your ethanol or grain process. Upgrade your grading operation with the task saving speed and efficiency of the MCi Auto Kicker.


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