The MCi Newton Grain Cleaner combines scalping,
screening, and aspirating into one easy operation
without the vibrating and shaking of all other cleaners.
Don't wait for an apple to hit you on the head to discover
the need for a...
The MCi
Newton Grain
Cleaner can:
• Separate S & B
• Increase test weight
• Separate mixed grains
•Remove F.M. & dockage
•Remove IDK, insects,
    damage and odor
• Remove Cheat grass
• Remove fines
    & overs

The Newton
• Eliminate structural
    fatigue from vibrations
•Minimal moving
• Large surface
    area screens
• Self-cleaning
• Quick screen
    change- 10 minutes
    for one person
Available in stationary or portable models,
with or without aspiration.
Cleaning capacities from 1,000 to 19,000 bph.
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