Catch that unclaimed FM/Dockage in your grain and KICK up your profit!

Use the MCi Kicker or Auto Kicker to immediately increase your profit. With today’s high grain prices and extremely tight margins, you need every edge possible to make it.
Simply flip the switch and pour the sample into the inlet hopper to quickly and accurately separate fractions into 4 collection pans. Allows testing of every load; eliminating time consuming and labor intensive hand sieving, also reducing hand picking of some types of foreign material. 
Weight: 560 lbs (Kicker only)
Dimensions: 81 inches h (57inches to inlet hopper) x 19inches w x 35inches d
Grain Throughput: 30-40 sec. (minimum 250 gram sample)
Electrical : 15A 120V 60 hz or 7A 220V 50 hz (available)
Warranty: 5 years limited (see owners manual)
Get a head start on making more profit today, at the origin of the grain purchasing process. Make it with the MCi Kicker or AutoKicker!
All Shook Up. Some grain handlers start out testing grain for foreign material (FM) or dockage by using hand sieves. Because of possible inconsistent shaking of the sieves or simply the nature of the method, they discover that not all of the FM/Dockage is determined. Meanwhile, that incorrect determination becomes the basis for the entire monetary settlement.

A Fair Shake. Consider the MCi Kicker/AutoKicker. Not only do these machines make it more fair for you, but also for your customers. The Kicker doesn’t play favorites! It treats everyone to the same accurate results, time after time for years to come.

The Kicker for Accurate Testing. The MCi Kicker and AutoKicker are sophisticated devices designed with precision-controlled screens and aspiration to accurately remove FM/Dockage and Broken/Splits from the grain. They produce a fair and consistent result every time that is virtually impossible with hand sieves. It has been reported by our many satisfied customers that the MCi Kicker and AutoKicker are able to determine an average FM/Dockage increase of up to 2% or more, depending on the type of “trash” in the load that is missed by other methods or equipment.

Amounts to a Hill of Beans. Most grain handlers have a certain level of FM/Dockage allowed in the truck/rail load. Commonly for soybeans (for instance), only the FM/Dockage over 1% is deducted from net weight. This means you are paying for undetermined amounts at the same price as the grain itself.

For example: EXAMPLE OF SAVINGS: Say you allow 1% FM/Dockage before discounting the load. If it is 1% using hand sieves, then that load would not qualify for the discount. Since the MCi Kicker/AutoKicker is more accurate, it determines an FM/Dockage value of 1.3%, qualifying that same load for the discount. The captured .3% is a very conservative number, as reported. Most Kicker/ AutoKicker users commonly see an even higher FM/Dockage value difference, depending on the grain quality. Let’s do the math: If you captured .3% FM/Dockage @ $12.50/bushel on a 1,000 bushel load, it would amount to $37.50. Multiply that times 200 loads and see how quickly it will pay for itself. Bring on the profit!

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