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Milling Innovation
Yamamoto rice polisher KAPIKA is a dry polisher that was newly developed to enhance the taste and storability of rice. The inherent taste of rice starts to deteriorate soon after it is milled. It is a gradual process but occurs to all milled rice. There is also a time span from which the rice is milled till it is actually consumed that contributes to the deterioration. Our continual efforts to overcome these undesirable effects on rice quality and development ways for more people to enjoy delicious rice have lead us to the creation of KAPIKA.
The Main reason for the deterioration of rice flavor is the oxidation of residual bran on milled rice. With KAPIKA, we succeeded in removing the residual bran significantly more than an ordinary milling machine. Even a mist polisher could not remove it as much as KAPIKA. Furthermore, since there is less residual bran on KAPIKA rice the consumers do not need to wash the rice as much as they did before but only light rinsing will be enough to prepare delicious rice. So with KAPIKA rice, consumers can save water and washing time. Another great point about KAPIKA processed rice is that the waste water after the rice is washed is much cleaner than waste water of regularly milled rice. It means cleaner water is poured down the drain, making KAPIKA truly an earth-friendly machine. For your facility, since KAPIKA is a dry polisher, requiring no water, there is no need for water piping which could cause troublesome maintenance.

  1. Keeps the flavor longer
  2. Better appearance
  3. Easy to cook
  4. Less water pollution
  5. No water piping required of you facility

Magnified pictures of rice
Surface (x 1,000)

Ordinary milled rice


Cross section (x 1,000)

Ordinary milled rice

As you can see the difference, KAPIKA rice has residual bran much less than ordinary milled rice.

Rice Dry Polisher "KAPIKA" installed a a rice mill
in the U.S.A., in 2000


Above specifications and dimensions may change due to Yamamoto's continuous development program.

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