Dry Polisher, KAPIKA   
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Drive down both initial and running cost
Remove the residual bran by Dry polishing

Dry Polisher, Kaprika
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input capacity
3,000-5,000 kg/h
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Less residual bran on the     ;
surface of milled rice
  1. Keeps the flavor longer
  2. Better appearance
  3. Easy to cook
  4. Less water pollution
  5. No water piping required at your facility

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 High milled rice recovery, Easy operation 
The durablity of consumable parts is almost the same as our virtical

Because of dry polisher, you ca save the initial cost as well as running cost.

The way of operation is same as polisher, it's very simple.

The broker rice during dry polishing is extremely less, you can get high
milled rice recovery.

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 Time saving & Cost reduction  
Reduced 50 minutes for maintenance 
(compare to previous model, DP-3000

Because of open structure, you can clean
the bran inside machine in 10 minutes.
For replacing the resistance part, you can
finish in 50 minutes (6 hours for DP-3000)

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     yamamoto dry polishe dp-3001 main shaft scetion -21new.jpg - 9083 Bytes
  Screen Support section      Main Shaft Section
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 Clean & Shiny  
Without using water or any other material,
remove the 0.8% of residual bran (ration by

yamamoto10-point1buttion-21new.jpg - 1237 BytesSet longer the length copare to roll's diameter,
      retention time bcomes longer and remove the
      bran throgh special processed screen.

yamamoto10-point2buttion-21new.jpg - 1322 BytesBy suction and exhaust fan, residual bran can be
      released effectively.

yamamoto10-point3buttion-21new.jpg - 1321 BytesThe gap between screen and roll is narrow, 2 rice
      grains, high effect of polishing can be achieved.
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Physical property
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*Whiteness was measured by KETT, C-300
*Turbidity was measured using recommended method of Japan Rice Millers Association.
*The results will vary slightly depanding on brown rice and milling process.

Rinsed rice water
yamamoto rinsed rice water table for dp3001  -21new.jpg - 38656 Bytes
                       yamamoto10-spacenew.jpg - 707 BytesData from Japan Food Analysis Center

*Water quality was analyzed using the water after rice was washed.
  For eash type of rice, 1.5kg of rice were washed three times using a total of 3.5 litre of water.

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Above specification and dimensions may change due to Yamamoto's continuous development program.
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