Vertical Rice Milling Machine  
  XP-1200 / XP-2500 / XP-4000 / XP-5000  
yamamoto Vertical Rice Milling equipment-XP XP-1200 / XP-2500 / XP-4000 / XP-5000 -21new.jpg - 43952 Bytes
XP-1200                        XP-4000

High milled rice recovery and Good eating quality Abrasive, Friction combined Vertical Rice Milling Machine

yamamoto Vertical Rice Milling High milled rice recovery Energy savings 21new.jpg - 13903 Bytes

yamamoto Vertical Rice Milling Modells XP-1200 Capacity 1200kg/h, XP-2500 Capacity 2500kg/h.  XP-4000 Capacity 4000kg/h, XP-5000 Capacity 5000kg.. Various XP modells-21new.jpg - 17955 Bytes
yamamotoVertical-Rice-Milling-XP4000-21new.jpg - 16292 Bytes
Milled rice recovery improves moreover. With high quality rice, more than 0.5 to 1.0% higher milled rice recovery (compare to previous model) and contributes your profit.

yamamoto-High Quality Milling
We achieve the high milled rice recovery.
Energy Saving milling that fit with the time.
Original Yamamoto’s abrasive and friction all-in-one
design rice milling machine achieved the low
temperature rice milling with good eating quality.
Milling capacity increases 20% than previous model.
The control grinding part exhausts all rice to the
residual rice by air and the turning force of the grinding stone - 76299 Bytes yamamoto- Easy Maintenance
You can check screen section easily.
The daily checkup becomes
easy such as cleaning bran.
The replacement for
consumable parts is also easy.asymaintenance -21new.jpg - 38726 Bytes
yamamoto- large-scale color touch panel One-touch Easy operation (XP-2500 / 4000 / 5000)
Quiet operational sound
Sound proofing bran removal case of Friction section makes less sound during milling. The work efficiency improves by an easy operation equipped with the large-scale color panel.Various information such as rice milling data and way of maintenance can be stored.21new.jpg - 34970 Bytes
yamamoto-Operation Selection Display Milling Operation Display for spare parts replacement (Daily checkup) operational screenshots-21new.jpg - 46517 Bytes
yamamoto-Single machine Operation Consumable Parts (operation hour) Record for Milling Data Consumable parts Data operational screenshots-bottom-21new.jpg - 56052 Bytes

yamamoto-Quiet operational sound Sound proofing bran removal case of Friction section makes less sound during milling.21.jpg - 23332 Bytes yamamoto-Option for Model for XP-1200, XP-2500, XP-4000/5000, XP-1200, XP-2500, XP-4000/5000 Non-milled rice process
system-new21.jpg - 26586 Bytes

Stand alone XP series
Compact design and space saving. Easy maintenance. Good for Long / Medium grain rice.

yamamoto-Abrasive Whitener  Model xpa-25 -21new.jpg - 12958 Bytes yamamoto Friction Polisher Modell spa-50 -21new.jpg - 12616 Bytes yamamoto- Table comparing XPA-25 with XPF-50 table.jpg - 30676 Bytes

yamamoto-specifications-table-21new.jpg - 77001 Bytes

yamamoto- Dimensions xp1200, xp2500, Xp4000-5000 -21new.jpg - 94769 Bytes
Above specification and dimensions may change due to Yamamoto's continuous development program.

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