Digital Grain Moisture Meter
Model YM-8E

Direct measurement of moisture content of paddy, brown rice, milled rice, barley, wheat and naked barley.

No adjustment required even if variety of grains to be measured or ambient temperature change.
  1. Automatic calculation of average moisture content

  2. The average value of measurement is shown in LCD display

  3. All the operation can be done by simply touching the buttons

How to use
  • Should there be much temperature difference between the meter and samples, errors may sometimes occur in the measurement. Leave the meter intact at the testing site for 40 minutes. During this period, the meter automatically detects ambient temperature and will be ready for normal operation.

  • Clean the electrode, sample saucer and handle top end part by using the tweezers or brush provided, especially after measuring high moisture content of grains. Otherwise, residual residual samples may cause errors and unreliable measuring results.

  • Do not touch the sample saucer metallic part with your fingers.

  • Measure more than three times and take the average of them for the final measurement result.

  • Take out the batteries from the meter when it is not used for a long time.

  1. Handle
  2. Measuring Button
  3. Averaging Button
  4. Selector Button
  5. Display
  1. Carrying case
  2. Hand Huller
  3. Brush
  4. Sample Saucer (2 pieces)
  5. Spoon
  6. Tweezers
    * 1.5 volt batteries (x4 pieces)
Measuring MaterialsPaddy, Brown rice, Milled rice, Barley, Wheat, and Naked barley
100 mmDisplay Accuracy(%)0.1% (1% in case of over 30%)
175 mmMeasuring Accuracy (%)+/- 0.5% (at 10%~20%)
72 mmAmbient Temperature to be operated(°C)5-20°C (Except dew point)
480 gDisplay methodLCD Digital Display
Measuring Range
Paddy (%)
8.7-40.0%Exchange methodDirect Indication of exchange
figure automatically
Brown rice (%)
Milled rice (%)
9.8-20.0%Temperature compensationAutomatic compensation
Barley (%)
8.0-34.3%Power SourceDry battery, 1.5(AM3) X 4V pieces
Wheat (%)
8.6-35.0%AccessoriesCarrying case, Hand Huller, Brush,
Sample Saucer (2 pieces), Spoon,
Tweezers and Operation manual
Naked barley (%)
Above specification and dimensions may change due to
Yamamoto's continuous development program.


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